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Scholarship Application

2016 Scholarship Announcement



Dear Applicant,


          The Association of Old Crows (AOC) is a professional organization dedicated to the preservation and advancement of electronic countermeasures as part of our National Defense.  Local chapters of the AOC exist throughout the United States, as well as Australia, Canada, England, Korea, and various NATO countries throughout Europe.


          The term “Crow” is a name derived from a call sign “Raven” used by aircraft assigned to jam enemy radar and navigation instruments in World War II.   Members of the AOC work in management, research, development, manufacturing, and operations of systems that are designed to ensure survivability of our land, sea, and air forces.  These systems operate in hostile environments by countering various forms of command and control systems (i.e., radars, infrared/electro-optical guided missiles, etc.).  These systems embrace all scientific disciplines in depth, from mathematical analyses and simulation through chemistry, physics, and engineering to manufacturing, production, and testing technology.  Electronic countermeasure effectiveness of these systems reduces the visibility of aircraft, ships, or ground targets to both radar and optically directed weapons systems.  This is accomplished by the use of decoys, noise jamming, electronic deception and other counter-measures; an alternative term often used for these countermeasures is Electronic Warfare.


          A key part of the AOC professional objectives is to foster development of young scientific and engineering students who will chart the course for future developments in Electronic Warfare.  The AOC Cochise Chapter is proud to sponsor the William T. Meyer Memorial Scholarship to assist worthy students who require financial aid to pursue a scientific, engineering, or other technical degree that supports a future career in electronic defense or related professions.  The procedures for application are contained in the documents linked above. Please note that applications must be received at our P.O. Box no later than 1 July 2016.          


          If you have any questions concerning this procedure, please contact your school financial counselor or feel free to call me directly at (520) 236-1237. You may also send email to me at



Lee F. Ilse

         Scholarship Chairman

         Association of Old Crows, Cochise Roost




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